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Placenta experience

Our Placenta experience with Patricia.

    It was a special moment when we received the little bag from Patricia with our different placenta 'products'. My boyfriend brought the placenta to her 3days after birth and we received it back quickly, already two days later. The way she had wrapped it, really made it look as a gift. But even more it felt as a gift of the energy, love and attention she had put into it.

    The dried placenta and umbilical cord really look like pieces of art. Very beautiful to see them and have them close in this way; realizing it was all part of us, me and our little baby.

    The dried placenta capsules first looked a little big to swallow, but i happily did in the first weeks after birth when my hormones made me feel vulnerable, weak or easily crying. Also my boyfriend reminded me in those moments, 'maybe its time for your placenta pil...'?? :)
    I have to say, these hormone moments never lasted long, or were to intens to handle. The dried placenta capsules definitely felt like a support in those days. Also after the first weeks, whenever i felt i maybe needed a capsule, i took one. Luckily this was not too often and we have some left in case we need them for special circumstances.

    Patricia also prepared a little jar of dried placenta for making homeopathic medicine. At that moment she was not yet making this by herself. We decided to have it made through a pharmacy in Germany who are specialized in preparing homeopathic medicine from placenta, umbilical cord or mothermilk. Normally they use fresh placenta for this, but it was no problem to use the dried one. Also this time it felt really special to receive the box with globuli with the placenta medicine in different potencies. These globuli can be very helpful for physical, mental or emotional treatment and support. So far I have been using them with our 6month old baby after using the airplane, for handling the change of traveling and for treating a cold.

    The last product we received from Patricia is the tincture of the placenta. This I only started using recently, actually about one week ago. Our baby has irritated skin behind the ear and earlobe for more then a month now and this has difficulty healing because she scratches it open. Again it was a moment of awareness when I opened the bottle and received the sweet smell of the placenta tincture. After birth Patricia advised us to shake the bottle daily for 6 weeks. I remember this was always a conscious moment of thinking and thanking my body and this special organ for all it had done for us throughout our pregnancy. It looked beautiful, the dried placenta pieces floating throughout the bottle after shaking and slowly settling back down on the bottom. The skin irritation is there for a quite some time now and honestly only since i started to clean and treat it several times a day with the tincture (mixed with water) it's really showing huge progress. The skin behind the ear is as good as closed now and only the back of the earlobe is still a bit open, but i also see that it's healing. Very happy to see it has its effect.

    Before getting pregnant I had no idea about all these different ways of using the placenta. I Actually only knew that people sometimes burry it in a special place. I'm very happy and grateful that our midwife brought us in touch with Patricia. Patricia has a lot of knowledge and stories to share about placenta use and makes wonderful work with it. We are very grateful that for the rest of our life's we have the support of different placenta treatments within reach. Thank you Patricia, for offering that to us!

    Warm greetings,
    Liz, Christian & Lucia

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